Wednesday, March 9, 2011


At the end of February we went to Texas to meet some of the family on Ryan's mother's side that I have not met yet. Tessa has not met any of them! So we decided that we should go and so Tessa can also meet her Great Great Grandfather. 

Here she is sitting at the airport drooling and waiting

We went out to lunch with everyone. Theses are Ruth's (Ryan's mom) sisters and her (Missing one sister Amy).  We did eat a lot of yummy food there. I really wanted to go near the coast, but we didn't have enough time. 

Ryan and his cousin Sean. He is an awesome guy! 

I think these girls would be Tessa's cousins? They are Tessa's great grandma's brother's son's kids. They are so sweet. They just wanted to sit by Tessa. They even fought over who gets to sit the closetest to her.

Her first time at the wheel. While we were there we rented a Ford Flex. It was a really nice car to ride in. Will I ever drive one? Prob not (Ryan pretty much drove the whole time), It was a very large car. 

Meeting Papa for the first time (great great grandfather). I think he is in his 90s now. Can't remember now old he is. He is still quite alert, age has caught up to him and he is very tired and hard of hearing. 

She was exhausted 

The 5 Generation picture

Ryan has a uncle mike that lives on .....a lot of land. He has long horns and they are just so fun. They have tons of little calves running around. 

I could not help but admire their house. 

Mike's wife made some volcano cake? it was delish...I know it looks like Tessa really wanted some, but I think what she really wanted was the silver fork I was using.

It was beautiful up there. I want to live there.

They had a garden that I just loved. I know it does not look like they have a lot growing, but we got to taste some of the turnip that they grew and it was awesome!

Tessa and Nana (great grandmother)

It was such a good visit and I hope to go back again. Tessa did great on the flight as well. Only fussed a little bit and no screaming. She did so much better then all the other kids on the same flight.

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